Thursday, 21 August 2008

Break-ins and Time Outs

After a burglary and the dull days of organisation afterwards, my spirits are lifted by the arrival of a book in which some of my writing was included. The Book is called "Hang The DJ"(faber&faber) and it's basically a lists book, with people saying why they like certain songs, wrapped up in some tenuous idea for a list. But it'll please my father to see me doing some proper writing, instead of this music nonsense. The last few days have been an enforced time out while I pick up the pieces after the break-in, but it makes you feel for people in far worse situations than mine. I can't complain about one break-in in 21 years of living in London. I mean, I can... but I'm not going to. Plus it gives me a chance to sit back and listen to my latest songs, as I'm not in the mood to write. And I make a great discovery. Everything I've written is shit, and it's time to start over. This is not necessarily a bad thing. I am now proposing we all burgle Chris Martin's house and see if his next album is better than the last.

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  1. Just read Alan McGee's opinion on the new Coldplay album

    "God they have got worse with age.When i said they were bedwetter's year's ago i sort of thought it and i by mistake in a cafe just heard the new Eno produced record if this is what Eno is up to he should pack it in as well.Please guys break up now for the sake of British music we used to give people the Beatles ,the Stones and the Kinks we now have Coldplay.A world class musical piece of garbage.100% piece of music for bedwetter's."


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