Thursday, 14 January 2010

Free Download of New Song

Hello all - as of 10am this morning, Thursday, you'll be able to download a free song from my new album "The Alphabet of Hurricanes" here:

Also there's a video clip here:

I might confess to being ever so slightly excited about giving you a sneak preview of one of my favourite tracks from the album.... but I must maintain my cynical exterior if only for continuity purposes. But I really like the song, hope you do too.


  1. Having viewed the video a couple of times I really like it. Also listening to short clips of new album on Amazon, and while short clips obviously can't do songs any justice, I am really looking forward to the new album!
    Just sad I can't attend any gigs this year. Any chance of a gig in Israel?...

  2. Thats an ace song Tom. I felt I was wating for drums to come in at the start of the second verse but maybe thats too obvious and its all the better for being a pretty simple arrangement! Listened to the samples of the songs on Amazon and this could be the one mate!!

  3. The free track is fantastic, thanks for making it available. I'm really excited about the new record especially '15 Miles Down River'. I remember the good old days when it was on your myspace site. I used to play it everyday without fail until it was cruelly torn from my grasp (sob sob etc).

    Can't wait to see you in London!

  4. Thank you,Tom:)
    I've just heard it.
    It seems to impact on something very central in me...
    Anyway I can't wait new album!

  5. Just downloaded the song this morning and it's brilliant. Thank you so much. I'm waiting for February 22nd with eager impatience!

  6. Congratulations, you just made me cry. Happy tears, though, not Brokeback Mountain tears. Not that this is extremely hard, given how I sob all through the opening sequence of The Lion King every single time, but still - happy tears. Truly, blissfully happy tears. Thank you so, so much.

  7. It's beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing it. I can't wait for the new album to be released, and to see you perform live again in Bergen in March!

  8. Yeah we all know it is beautiful,everybody can't wait to hear the new album blablablabla TOM is our Alice and we are all lost in his wonderland,but it is not the most important. Did I tell you that the gig in paris at "la maroquinerie" is sold out, that i don't have any tickets,not even one!So my despair forces me to do like a polite hold up for french people only
    --Si vous ne pouvez pas aller à ce concert le 31 et ne trouvez personne à qui donner votre place, je suis là.Vous sauverez peut être la mise à une pauvre "fan"de première heure dont le désespoir rend pathétique.

    and shit, my comment has the right to be here,it belongs to "scream of outrage"...
    I know that my problem is not a tragedy compared to others---a thought to Haïti---

  9. I love the song. It's so dark. Bring on the razorblades and pills. Could listen to it for ages. Can't wait for the rest of the album.

  10. Thank you for the free download. It made my day, possibly even my week. x

  11. couldn't get it... too bad I'm gonna have to wait 'til Feb!

  12. Awesome song. I only listened to it once, so I don't burn out on it before the album release, but I still have snippets of it running throuhg my head. It's a slow song, but the hooks sneak up on you.

  13. Been listening for a few days and I've concluded that "Won't Lie", "Told My Troubles to the River" and "Me & Stetson" are all pretty shit, Tom. Serious.


  14. Hi Tom. I just downloaded your new song, and I must admit that, having followed your work and seen you in gig for around 10 years now, this is the most moving song from you I have heard since a while... As one of your first fans in France, I'm really glad to see that you haven't lost your inside dark light...
    Keep up the good work, and be happy (or try at least^^)

  15. We can't wait to get your new Album on the Air!

    Cheers, the guys from

  16. might want to have a word with the folks at - I received my copy of The Alphabet Of Hurricanes this morning (2nd February), and as the official release date isn't until Feb 22nd, that's a bit of a balls-up on their part...

    I, of course, am not complaining... :-)

  17. Gwyneth Pas-trop5 February 2010 at 20:25

    I was watching a live of you, an old one(you got short "sir yes sir" soldier's hair), it was "mermaid blues".
    I've noticed that you played with an electric guitar,probably a fender telecaster.It reminds me of Jeff buckley....
    But I wondered why today you always play on stage with your accoustic guitar, like it has been grafted or something with you.
    So are you sulking electric guitars definitely?

    Because in my humble opinion,the clean sound of the telecaster goes really well with your music...

    The live in question is here:

    ps:I love that grace in your new video,in particular the moment where you're swiming in the wind.Cool braces!!


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