Tuesday, 15 February 2011

One Foot in The Past, One Foot In The Future

It definitely feels as if Spring is in the air, I know this because I'm getting desperate to leave the house, desperate to sing out loud again, after the usual winter spell of planning and house-keeping.

As well as the upcoming String Quartet Shows, I'm putting the finishing touches to another live album, this time some full band recordings from the legendary King Tuts shows in 2004 (you can listen to a wee medley here). It has been fun, and at times a little too nostalgic (with all that that word means) trawling through the archives. Listening to the recordings from seven years ago, perusing the old photographs - I wonder where the time went and how much has changed since those days.

I feel as if I permanently have one foot in the future and one foot in the past, only the present is a hazy uncertain landscape. So the best way to get into the moment is to play some live music - it's a terrible cliche but it really is the time I feel most alive. And I take huge comfort from that. As the world changes and we move away from the economic primacy of art in all its forms, it still is only live music, either watching or performing that has that immense power to move me.

Good to see that there's life in the old dog yet.

P.S See the clever substitution of umbrella for bow in the picture? We are marketing geniuses here.


  1. Woah. No comments? That's the swish of the revolving door of social media channels for you.

  2. hahahahahaha cool! You guys are genius :)

  3. Bravo on the marketing...it's great to see continuity in your marketing and your art as the years inevitably pass by, leaving us breathless and yet, somehow hopeful that tomorrow will bring yet more fame, fortune and reward. You deserve it all. I'm proud to be one of your 242 followers, knowing that you definitely deserve 200,0000,242 followers. Know that your example has served to propel many others in their quest for fulfilling their unique mission. Thank you for never giving up, despite the constant inner battle to take the easy road....There is no easy road.

  4. it's a happy day for me! my sister was on the search for a birthday present for me.. I suggested her to make the decision for me getting a tix for your zurich-show.. I hesitated because I have to go to work the next day and zurich is not thus close to my hometown. Now she managed 2 tickets and we will come together! what a superb idea! she doesn't know your music.. but I am sure she will love it, for me it will be the first time seeing you playing live.. I am delighted and excited! This made my day! :-) greets sandra from the lake of konstanz

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