Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks!



Anybody there?

I went away for a while.

But now I'm back.

Like the eponymous hero of Superman 2 I traded my powers to be able to love like a human, and for a while I forgot about the affairs of the world and crime fighting.... and stuff. Although I kept wearing my pants on the outside... (that's underpants for you Americans).

But I see that without me the world has taken a turn to negative town, with democracy itself in peril. Honestly, you take your eyes off the baby for a second and it's got the cat by the tail and it's dangling it out the broken window over a flaming tar pit crawling with rabid crocodile and flying pirhanas - or other toddler/democracy/hydrophobic/winged fish/ reptile-related metaphors you may have of your own that make more sense.

I apologise. I'm tired. I've been writing and recording this album for three years, it is intended as an album in two parts. A volume One and a Volume Two. Not a double album you understand. That's something altogether different. And expensive.

It has taken quite a while to finish part one. I wanted to take some time away from the road to concentrate on writing and recording - to prove some things to myself, and to prove that I could sit still for more than a week.

But I am bored of sitting still. It will soon be time to go back to the Fortress of Solitude and get some advice from a fat, dead, Marlon Brando (there's an 0845 number for those of you who can't make the trip) and to once more take to the skies in my dashing cape. And pants.

I seriously have no idea what I'm saying now. But you get the gist.

Album. Part one. Finished. Release date to be confirmed, but I'm expecting September, just before the tour, so you have a long hot summer to enjoy yourselves before I drag you kicking and screaming into my tempestuous universe.

We'll be getting the website into shape soon, along with all the other preparations for the release of the record - if I say it out loud enough times it must surely come to pass.

The musical landscape has altered dramatically over the last few years, but change is good. It must be embraced, wined and dined and danced with gently to flickering candle light, for longing for the old days and the old ways is the path of the dead man. Although to be fair we did dress better in earlier times. Skinny jeans? People, people.... what are we thinking?

In short, who the hell knows how any of this goes any more?

These are dark, dangerous, times, with doubtless many more storms ahead. But we will face them together, although I may be slightly behind you and to one side... I'm at an age where the wind fair whips through me.

Not that sort of wind.

Finally then, let us resort to art - the one true religion - for our philosophical, moral and spiritual guidance when all else fails. You may even like to take a moment and go outside and shout the following at the night sky, or traffic wardens. If you listen carefully you might just hear others doing the same, raising our voices in united defiance.

"Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks! rage! blow!
You cataracts and hurricanoes, spout
Till you have drenched our steeples, drowned the cocks!
You sulphurous and thought-executing fires,
Vaunt-couriers to oak-cleaving thunderbolts,
Singe my white head! And thou, all-shaking thunder,
Strike flat the thick rotundity o' the world!"

Yep, do that and more.

There's no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes... but I've got a big umbrella and I'm more than happy to share.


  1. I am so happy to see your words here again.
    And I'm glad it's gonna be a new autumn-tour.
    It is always the best time to see you when it's getting darker outside.
    Hopefully you'll come to Norway this time, too.

  2. Great to have you back with a typical Tom-post:) Another burning question: what is the logic behind the tourschedule? Or is travelling across Europe from south to north and back again just a new hobby besides fishing?

  3. Welcome back Tom. We missed you! Great news about the new record(s) and the tour. Can't wait!

  4. PS. I miss Amsterdam or Utrecht in your tourschedule :-s

  5. Enjoyed reading you again, I now look forward to listening!

  6. You have just put the biggest smile on an otherwise bah humbug face, just the tonic I was needing.......an Edinburgh gig and part 1 album with the excitement of knowing theres a part 2 to follow. Welcome back Tom! You have well been missed!:-)

  7. Tom its great that your new tour is coming up.
    Yet I think 2 performances in Holland is not enough for all the fans!!

    Please come to Utrecht/Rotterdam as well!


  8. I have to say I am struggling to forgive you for cancelling the last Newcastle gig, and memories of the Brickyard at Carlisle have dimmed to an incandescent fizzle.
    With reference to your flatulation issues, have you tried natural yogurt with live cultures? Quite delicious with a drizzle of organic honey and a scattering of fat blueberries...

  9. One question..HOW DO WE BUY TICKETS?

  10. Great news on the tour, but may I point out that someone's cocked up the dates at the end of September? Much as I'd love a week which ran Saturday - Sunday - Saturday, the 28th is a Monday, not a Saturday and the 30th is a Wednesday. Looking forward to Newcastle all the same. It's been too long.xx

  11. Utrecht or/and Amsterdam pretty please?!

  12. Welcome back to the world Tom. We've missed you so. I'll see you in Dublin come October.

  13. Glad to see you posting again, and thrilled to hear about the new album! We hope to see you back in North America when you have another chance (and hope your Canadian experiences have been good enough to bring you back--especially if you want to visit the east coast!--but we'll try to make it to New England if that's the only way to hear you).

  14. So glad you're back Tom. We've missed you!!

  15. OK, so where do i find the tour schedule? I don't mind going back to utrecht or amsterdam for a gig but somewhere closer to york would be nice. Need a support?

  16. wahayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..... Leeds Brudenell social club...can't wait ;-)

  17. blinddrew - did you get the email? I'm guessing it was sent to everyone who subscribed (via the website?), or is otherwise on the mailing list. The dates are in there - If you post an email address can forward it to you if you like? Or try this http://tommcrae.com/
    If you are in/near York, England, then Leeds (on 28th September) is closest, although its not at the Cockpit this year, but rather the Brudenell Club, or if you'd rather venture further North, then Newcastle on the 2nd October. There are lots of other dates in the North too - Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Nottingham

  18. Or even "it's not at the Cockpit"

    I do know the difference between it's and its. Honest.

  19. Good post Tom, looking forward to the new album. Agree with a lotta people though, please visit either Amsterdam and / or Utrecht. Both Eindhoven and Groningen are quite a pain from where I live...

    Anyways, good news dude!

  20. The Merry Widow3 June 2009 at 08:16

    I will feel bad to the point of despair but then the fey streak kicks in. I will never enjoy the extreme highs of others but then I will weather the lows with more resilience. I may weep uncontrollably but then get ready to tackle whatever the next problem to come. Despite myr own tears, I would still be there for someone else. I walk through storms. I are sometimes envious of others in the sunshine, but they could never be comfortable where I live and I would struggle to spend all of my life in the harsh light.

    I will venture out into the light for Nottingham in October when the shadows begin to fall. The Merry Widow will rise again for one night only.

  21. yaahhoouuuu, so glad to have some news. Thrilled too hear about the new album!I'll see you in Brussels... see you soon !:-))

  22. "There's no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes." Did you learn that in Norway? 'Cause that's the national saying!
    Looking forward to seeing you on tour.

  23. Fantastic news!
    Any idea of whether you'll be Tom & 2 Ollys or Full band Tom?

    Will definately look forward to London and am pondering Glasgow.

  24. Hi Tom. We already have booked two tickets for the Paris show. Now, I have already warned you on both the French and English forums in your website but, Tom, don't cancel this one! Not even if there is a rugby finale, or a tsunami, or you are asked by Obama to keep the fort while he quits in disgust. No way: it's been more than two years since I heard you last in Angers. I want to hear Alphabet of Hurricanes live too!

    Are you going to drag Steve Reynolds down with you, screaming all the way? Please say yes.

  25. "Rumble thy bellyful! Spit, fire! Spout, rain!"
    Sock it to us, Tom!

  26. Come fly with me3 June 2009 at 11:27

    Booked a flight to Liverpool & Dublin. Excited!!

  27. Nice to hear from you, looking forward to new album(s)

    Any chance you can play Rome? I'm leaving England in August so can't make my usual venue any more.

  28. Tom - finally... I've been checking your site every day and at long last some news. Delighted with the album news. See you in October in Cork.

  29. Tom - it is good to have you back.

    I've been too happy as of late....

  30. How do we get tickets?? The closest venue to me is Nottingham, but their site doesn't say you're playing there??? Help please..I'm a giddy mess, I will postively do a sex wee!!

  31. Awesome news! Pity thers no Derby gig but Nottingham show will be great.

    Fuck the music industry I say. You are a great example to all of us who make music Tom, on how to get your tunes out there in this climate of a Record "industry" dissappearing up its own arse and generally imploding in a very public way.

    Can't wait for the new tunes

    Take it easy!

  32. Just been checking seetickets again and the tickets are now listed if you do a search, although it says they are not going on sale until the 5th June at 10:00, although I also checked Crash records (which sells tickets for the various Leeds places and which has had them in the past), which doesn't show them (yet?)

  33. Great to hear you are hitting the road again. You are even visiting my hometown: Groningen! Unfortunately I will be at the other side of the world at that moment: Taipeh, Taiwan. You are not planning any gigs over there, are you? :)

    Take care!

  34. Fantastic! New album (then part2) and gigs. I'll be at portsmouth and london. Gotta catch you before you get too old to tour anymore heh heh

  35. Just by sheer chance I heard "Got a suitcase. Got regrets" on TV today, at the end of Hollyoaks! Almost the whole tune, till it got to the 'Christmas eve' bit. I was surprised and chuffed. Really looking forward to seeing you in London in October.

  36. sarah stuck in traffic in LA4 June 2009 at 05:36

    SO happy to hear about the tour, I was wearing my "All Maps" shirt when I got the e-mail! I'm due to be in Europe Aug/Sept, so there's a chance I might catch a show or that I might risk getting fired to stay and see one instead of coming back to work!


  37. Welcome back,Tom!
    And I look forward to your new albums.
    I'm so excited.

    Unfortunately,I can't see you on new tour.(Because I live on other side of the world. I'm so sad...)

    But I will imagine what your tour would be like.And I wish you and your fans have a great time on tour:-)

  38. Awesome news.

    Can't wait to listen to your gig in Lausanne in October. Thanks for writing such inspiring music.

  39. Little Miss Brightside5 June 2009 at 07:04

    In the past there always were more dates for the Netherlands on the schedule, but times change.
    I think if he had chose to play in Utrecht or Amsterdam,there would have been only one date on the list (those venues are way more expensive)
    Who knows,maybe at the end of the tour there'll be some money left,so he can add Tivoli,Patronaat or Melkweg to the list (although I personally think he will be back spring 2010) Stranger things have happened.
    If not,there's a new album on it's way (hurray!) which we can play over and over again and create our own little gig (believe me you will! and it'll turn out to be more fun than you expected it to be)

    Glad to have you back Tom!!

  40. What a cool way for summer to end!

  41. I'm so glad you're back, I was missing you and I was beginning to be really depressed cause you were no longer there to make me laugh :D So glad also to read that there will be a new album, can't wait. Keep going Tom, we love you

  42. Oh oh, looks like I missed the Return of the King!

    That two part-album thing is intriguing. I can't wait to hear you in October.

    Until then take care, Rain Man.

    Rendez-vous à La maroquinerie!

  43. Hi mister SuperTom-with-underpants,
    I'm so glad to read you again. And soooo happy you'll be back with a new (two-part! woah!!) album soon.
    Thanks for sharing your umbrella with me in Lausanne in october, I'll make the journey from France especially for you...

  44. Good to see you'll be touring again old chap! Oslo going to be the last gig this tour? Hope you won't be too tired for a scotch when you get here. Bring along some of those fox chasing half crazy but very wonderful friends of yours and I'll bring... well... what should I bring? I'll be there anyways ;)

  45. Good luck, Tom.

    Here's an umbrella.

    We're all counting on you to protect us.

  46. Booked my tickets for 8th October in London. Trying to get my wife into you so make it a good one. Looking forward to hearing the new album(s) and seeing you. Will have my copies ordered from Amazon well in advance.


  47. Thanks for the tip Anon, leeds brudenell it is (grand little venue for Tom i reckon).

  48. Tom,

    I saw you this afternoon in London, it was the first time...yes it was! And I didn't even say any of what I meant to.mBut thanks for those smiles back.

    I have to say you are so much more handsome than you look in the pics.

    Looking forward to the gigs, too far from now, too long to wait, but in a few months it will be it.

    I simply love your music, that all I wanted to tell you today.

    It's nice to read and see you again,

    Thanks :)

  49. Great to see you back Tom, can't wait for more of your upbeat numbers in the Academy!!

  50. Tom, have you ever considered to write a novel? I would definitely buy it. Can't wait for the new album.
    Cheers from Hungary.

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