Sunday, 14 June 2009

Brian Wright

As I sit in the west wing of McRae Towers, the gentle lilt of birdsong disturbed only by the occasional gunfire of a paedophile-chasing mob, and the ear-splitting squeals of a pitbull tearing the face off a toddler, I’m driven to wonder how we let the poverty gap get so wide under a supposedly Labour government, and how it is I’m supposed to make it to the off-licence for my breakfast binge drinking session without being mugged by a knife-wielding eight-year-old. Girl.

But then I put down the newspaper and realise that as we age, the gap that widens with even greater speed than the poverty gap, is the perception gap between the world we live in and the world the media tell us we live in.

As a trainee journalist (a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away) I remember snidely laughing (I majored in it) at a BBC newsreader who had dared to suggest that there should be more positive stories in the news, maybe about cats and that sort of thing. Well, now I see his point.

In a world apparently gone to shit, with all evidence of justice about as rare as reasoned argument from a Christian, it’s time we had some good news. In a world without hope it is truly the visionary who stands up and says “Enough is Enough”. For goodness sake people, I’ve had songs on Holby City and Hollyoaks all in the same week. Do you not now see that literally anything…ANYTHING is possible?

It is in that gospel spirit of good news (is that tautology?) that I would like to take this opportunity to formally announce that the support for this tour will be provided by the amazing Brian Wright. After much negotiation, a substantial transfer fee rising into the low one figures, I have finally found my Mr Wright.

Thank you to all of you who offered your services - and keep on asking because in this day and age we all have to shout a bit to be heard – but for now the slot is filled.

Many of you will remember Brian from the Hotel Café shows, or know him in his own right as a song-writer extraordinaire, or perhaps just as the guy with the beard. Whether you know him or are yet to get acquainted, be assured his presence on the tour will make this extra special.

He has also graciously agreed to play in my band, which will be the biggest band I have toured with to date. It is going to be a great tour.

Tickets are selling fast for the London Scala show by the way, so to avoid disappointment and subsequent unseemly rioting (just look what happened in Iran when they found out I’d come second in the finale of Tehran’s Got Talent) be sure to get yours soon.

Find out more about Brian Wright here:

The fishing season starts at midnight on Monday. I’m just saying. You know, if you cared. Those of you looking for style tips, my clothing range and perfume is coming soon.
Let the current crop of singer-songwriters worry about being cool and rock and roll. I can’t stand up without grunting these days.


  1. Beards on for Brian! Terrific news! I'm delighted- brian is just wonderful live.

  2. Glory Halleluja!
    Good news, indeed!

  3. Why on earth do you want to let a picture like that go out in the open? You cán look so gorgeous..why this?

  4. Being 40 definitely doesn't suits you at all. (Or maybe you should stop shopping at second-hand stores,fishing in swamps & just buy razorblades instead)

  5. Now if you ever tell the story of the fish you caught and said "Honest! it was this big!" we'll believe you;-)Can I borrow the fish to give a wet slap to David Cameron, oh I forgot, he is already a slimy toad:-)
    Brilliant news about Brian Wright!!

  6. Beards on for Brian! I see you've grown your own so no need to borrow one this time. Quite simply, cannot wait for this tour. New tunes, biggest band, loads of dates, McAutumn can't come soon enough.

  7. Not bad, not bad...but next time you're in France you should try to go to Camargue – where I was born– and catch one of those big silures (sorry I have no idea how they're called in English)!

    PS: Cool news about Brian.

  8. You've also had a song on Skins - that's cooler....

  9. LittleMissBrightside23 June 2009 at 10:27

    Awesome news about Brian! Loved him with the Hotel Cafe tour last year. Looking forward to the tour!

    (Love it when you share pictures like these. It's like the old days when you used to have a blog on your website)

  10. Songs on popular shows, stop it or I'll have to find someone more obscure (but surely not more talented) to adore!

  11. Hi Tom, just messaged you through your site too... do you know where I can get hold of your song 'Streetlight'? Can't download it anywhere in the UK!

  12. Bloody hell, do you live in my street?

  13. Love love love men with beards. Didn't think I could possibly get more excited about a Tom McRae gig but wow Brian Wright aswell! Life is wonderful after all. xxxx

  14. wow thats great would love to try your perfume range and i think the beard is fantastic xx


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