Monday, 22 September 2008

Ask Tom #3

hi there , uhm there is something that i have been thinking about for a while now but i didn't dare to ask you at the time. Well ,I was the girl who threw the panties on stage in Utrecht and you looked annoyed or something ,we thought it would be funny and actually I still think it was , just checking ...
bye x nele

Hi Nele, I can't imagine I would have been annoyed. Things like that could happen more often if you ask me... knicker throwing never seems to happen enough to singer-songwriters. Are we not human? Do we not need love? Is it too much to ask that people throw under garments at us to express their recognition of the passionate souls performing for their pleasure? If I made a funny face I can only apologise. I can look a bit weird when I sing. Did I take them with me? What happened to them? Ah, we always have a good time in Utrecht. Except when we're robbed at gunpoint. But panties can make up for that.


P.S If this starts a craze of throwing pants, can it just be the women? No men.


  1. See, you should have taken a leaf out of Tom Jones' book - *never* write your own songs...

  2. If you were performing now, I'd probably throw History papers. I know, it's less sexy...but far more original and I soooo want to get rid of them!

    From Marking Hell with love,


  3. here's a picture of the panties :D


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