Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Raining Bankers

For the past few days I've had my binoculars trained on Canary Wharf, trying to spot the newly unemployed billionaire bankers jumping from the top floors. Alas, none of them seem capable of doing the decent thing - so until it is literally raining bankers I refuse to believe this recession is as bad as they say. When I say 'they', obviously I mean journalists, for whom nothing is as exciting as total disaster. "Economy follows same predictable pattern as before" isn't really an exciting headline is it? Never mind, tighten the purse strings, send back the helicopter, and concrete over the pool, and I'm sure we'll all survive - just in time for the next disaster. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the world hurricanes kill people, floods, famine and disease still decimate populations,and wars rage. But fuck them. Where's my fuel rebate?

Having put down the binoculars and climbed off my soapbox, I head off to the studio to master a collection of live tracks recorded over the last year on the European tour. This official bootleg collection (as I'm temporarily calling it) is like a little time machine that has been transporting me back to some of my favourite moments in recent years. Playing with Oli and Olli is always a privilege, and it's nice to hear back some of those live moments (complete with audience participation) without being covered in sweat, worried about my hair, and trying to remember the words. When it's done I'll see if there's anyway of releasing it, depending on demand. He said coyly.

Right, I have to go and decide how and where to hang the Damien Hirst that has just come into my possession. I'm thinking by the neck, with piano wire, from my front porch - as a warning to all other talentless charlatans.

P.S I don't have a porch. Paunch maybe. Not porch.


  1. I demand the release of your official bootleg collection!!!!
    (will that do it?)

  2. Yes, I second that. Do it. Or else. Will threats work?! Linda

  3. You are working on that CD for ages now. Just release it instead of talking about it once in a while (the first time you said something about a live CD was actually in 2005) We've been waiting long enough for it,don't you think?!

  4. I would love to buy a LIVE CD ;) come on, release it :)

    btw: i really enjoy reading you blog! Thanks for doing this!


  5. Stop worrying about your hair and release the CD!

    That's really a lovely photograph of the three of you.


  6. When I read this,I thought "AB song Live 2007" on your myspace is one of your official bootleg collection.

    Is that right?(I hope so.)

    I agree with everyone,I'd love to buy a live CD;-)
    Please,please release it!!!

  7. I was at the cinema this afternoon (to see a depressing film by the brothers Dardenne "Le Silence de Lorna"), arriving late because I wanted to skip the commercials but despite my efforts I still saw a few ads and, just before the film started, I almost fell over when hearing the first notes of "You cut her hair". It was an ad for Kenzo Power for men...

  8. Sweetie,
    So glad to see you've got a blog. I've really missed you.

  9. Yes, Chani, and Tom, because of the insane amount of money given by Mr Kenzo, counts now himself among the newly billionaires who displaced the old ones (the ones jumping from windonws not in Canary Wharf, Tom, but in Central Manhattan) and who were able to spend billions to buy the latest creations by Damien Hirst.

    So, now, I wonder, Tom, what Hirst piece it is? The golden calf? The unicorn? The shark (or its ghost, maybe)?

    Anyway, now, if you release The Official Bootleg CD, it will only as a charity moove: all benefits will directly go to Heyman Brothers or any other bank in need.

  10. Those billionaire wankers, oops! I mean bankers are too busy pushing the minions off the floors rather than jumping off themselves.
    The recession has definately hit the PM's hometown and constituency, quite funny how f**ked up it all is, I'm one of many of the unemployed in his town. Way I think though is, I have a roof over my head and all the basics to survive the recession which is a lot more than as you state.....those hit by hurricanes, floods, famine, disease and war. I can sleep peacefully at night without fear.
    As for your bootleg collection I also demand that you release it, I could do with something to put a smile on my face:-)x

  11. Live recordings? Ohh, yes please. *^^* (I guess this US/Canada tour is too soon to hope for?)

  12. Oh, live album? Yes, please!

  13. Hmmm - raining bankers?
    Today's (23rd Sep) Sinfest strip is somewhat in keeping....

  14. Hey Rain Man, have you seen this ?


  15. Ernestine Heldring24 September 2008 at 12:05

    Aren't Tom McRae CDs excellent stocking stuffers? So I'd buy a few!

    I'd write more about how excited I am about a new album but am being distracted by the news on TV that Sarah Palin is hobnobbing with Carla Bruni here in NYC. Every feminist cell in my body is deeply mortified. Am looking forward to Tom's take on the elections in a few weeks!

  16. Nice picture - like the wee showing of your toned abs (no I'm not laughing I swear!). Please release the bootleg collection - I'm sure it will be the one to propel you into stardom!

  17. thanks for releasing the live cd :)


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