Tuesday, 2 September 2008

A field that is forever Essex

People amaze me. Generally it's our ability to fuck things up given half a chance, which definitely happened at the Offset Festival this weekend. But mostly it's the fact that people have deep wells of resources upon which they can draw in times of need. I mean it's not Hurricane Gustav or anything, but seeing the faces of a die hard audience who had waited three hours, were exhausted, hung-over and ready for bed, but still willing to stay for the show, was heart-warming. Having wandered in search of a stage willing to have us, like Joseph and Mary with a little baby cellist in tow, we eventually wound up back at the original stage. This show, and the previous Borderline show, were our small way of seeing out the year with a couple of intimate gigs, having been inspired by the Brighton weekend to try and weave some magic in tiny rooms (and tents) before we all disappear for another year or two. And despite organisational chaos, I enjoyed them. There is a flame here that needs protecting and nurturing. A secret. But like all good secrets I feel compelled to share it, so I'm off to the states to whisper it to some other friends. It's been an interesting summer. I stayed still for months - that never happens. I wrote and discarded an album's worth of songs.... (okay, they went missing on a stolen laptop - but I realised I didn't miss them or mourn their loss), I became handy with a drill and screw driver in an attempt to stay dry (and burglar proof)...so it's been an experience all in all. McRaetheism was conceived as a complete additional website, a forum for rants, ideas, philosophies and much more. It was almost finished when said laptop was nicked. Get insurance people, and back things up - that's my advice. But instead of giving up totally on the idea, as a stop gap I'm trying this Blog thing. It's simple and just about functions, like me, so I'll have a go for a while. Happy Autumn, thanks for coming to the shows. Hopefully see you in the States with my little friend, Steve Reynolds.


  1. Ah, Autumn - how I miss that word. You'll have to change that over to Fall when you come over the pond, mate. :)

    Good to see you with your own proper blog (love your MySpace posts, but there's nothing quite like a proper blog to subscribe to).

    Always interested to hear what you have to say, Tom - just wanted you to know that my interview with you earlier this year in Toronto is still one of the most popular on the old Suite101 indie website, so Kudos and thanks to you for being such a genial interviewee.

    You should post a blog about the US Election - I (and I'm sure thousands others) would LOVE to hear your take on it. Me - I'm just gonna hide in a cave for a wee while, I think!

    Looking forward to the Toronto show next month - perhaps I'll even bring my wallet and buy you and Steve a drink this time!! :)

  2. I can't wait to see you at the Hotel Cafe in L.A in November. :)
    And that blog is such a good idea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The McRae covers TV is a great feature. They're good, aren't they?! But don't think, for a minute, that you are replaceable. We continue to need the genuine article! So, as soon as you've toured the states and Canada and had a good rest and lived some non-touring life, please put Glasgow in your diary and we'll be here to whoop and cheer and welcome you back!

  4. Small gigs are great. Especially when the music is as beautiful as yours. It creates a lovely little cacoon away from the rest of the world that does indeed feel like a special little secret.

    I saw both your brighton joogleberry shows and they were fab. Though i got a bit too tipsy at 1st meaning that at the 2nd i needed about 8 doubles before i felt remotely normal again. This of course means that i can't remember too much of either gig but my gut instinct tells me they were great. Same goes for borderline. Got too tipsy + giddy = sparse jumbled memory. Maybe one day i'll come and see you sober so i won't have to rely on other people to tell me how good you were.

    Looking forward to your UK return already. In the meantime a new album to listen to would be rather lovely :D

    Cheers, James.

  5. Tom, I know it wasn't your fault! ;)

    A thousand thanks for the "d├ędidace" and we all hope to see you and Steve in France, like we did in Angers last year.

    Please come back... and don't cancel the show this time, even for rugby!

    Yes, I know it wasn't your fault. ;)


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