Monday, 6 October 2008

Ask Tom #4


Whatever happened to this song? Will it ever surface on a cd?
Could you play it when you come to the Hotel Cafe in Nov?

Hmmmm, I have no idea. I may have just fallen out of love with it, or it didn't survive the recording process - sometimes these things just fade away, like making eye contact with a girl on the subway but never asking her name, or Liverpool's championship dreams...

All unrecorded songs live on in some great MP3 player in the sky, to be downloaded one day by another songwriter searching for inspiration - probably for as little as 9 cents. Could I play it in LA? I doubt I could remember the chords, but stranger things have been known to happen.



  1. Other songwriters can go whistle, those little unrecorded songs would be great on a cd for us to buy and it would be a lot more than 9cents we'd pay;-)
    I was just reading that Tom Chaplin gave Annie Lennox a song he wrote a good while ago that he didn't think was any good, she loved it and made it her own.
    Anything can be recycled, even songs that were once discarded..........a wee bit fiddling here and there and you never know what you can build from it:-)

  2. Loveeeeeeeee that song!! It's on my IPod for ages now!!
    Never heard it live though..

  3. And talking of lost songs....

    How I wish
    You could hear me now... it coming back to you?

    If you sing it, I'll sing along in the audience in case you forget the words.

  4. ....could release a completely blank CD and entitle it "Still Lost". OK - maybe not.

  5. She will be all over you
    Like dust, like rain
    Smoke and mirrors are miracles
    She'll steal your flame
    Your flame

    That one wasn't thát bad.

  6. If Liverpool FC totally DESTROY Man United in both the Premiership AND the Champions League, WHICH THEY WILL, then not only will I laugh until my face falls off but I want you to promise to play Jet Engine Lullaby at every gig on a Kazoo wearing a Liverpool Shirt and a tutu.
    Daaaaare you...

  7. Ah juniper, tell me; is it a prerequisite for being a Liverpool fan that you must be utterly delusional in regards to any chances you have in the Premiership? You're all the same! Scraping the top four would be a damn good result for you this year.

  8. If we win the premiership, ok hang on.....if we finish in the top 3, will you come back to Liverpool Tom? It's been far too long. That little Tom at the front will be old enough to come without his mum and dad by the time you return.

  9. Indeed Andy, little Tom from the front is now a 14 year old well built rugby player who would prefer not be seen out with his embarrasing parents. The only exception to this rule is gigs / festivals if I am buying the tickets! Come on Tom it is far too long since you visted Liverpool.

  10. got no idea if you'll ever read the comments..but if you do..then you really need to check and reply your emails a little bit more often Tom..x


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