Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Yorkshire Gold

So - after desperately figuring out how I could fund the Malawi trip to play at the Lake of Stars Festival - it turns out at the last minute to not be possible. Damn this economic crisis, stopping me in my bid to become the next Bob Geldof, or more likely, Peaches. Ah well, these things happen, and it was nice to be asked. There's always next year, as Liverpool fans tell themselves, usually in a few weeks time (you know, I don't hate Liverpool, I respect them and admire Benitez, but if it wasn't for the hate emails I'd never have contact with another human).

I sublimate my heartbreak by contributing several metric tonnes of CO2 to global warming and jetting off to New York to prepare for the tour. I then sublimate my environmental guilt into... let's face it, a large whisky, and the promise to help build the sea defenses around the city when the need (and water) arises. But of course I do actually worry about flying too much, and touring in a bus too much, and about not recycling hummus tubs which are just too tedious to rinse out...(CAN YOU IMAGINE THE SHEER TONNAGE OF ORGANIC VEGAN HUMMUS TUBS THAT CHRIS AND GWYNNY HAVE TO RINSE OUT A WEEK? WHY AM I SHOUTING?) but I've yet to hear a coherent plan to tackle the real issues. And if the leaders of the world can't control (or save) the economy, then what hope the planet? Ah,Tom, it's better to light a candle than to sit and curse the darkness, although I suspect that lighting candles is probably a major cause of the planet overheating, so I've resolved to not celebrate my next birthday - which would be an awful lot of burning wax - and I will instead sit and make a wish as I try to blow out a low energy bulb provided free of charge by my energy company. Thanks for that EDF - a free bulb from you is a bit like being fucked up the arse and offered a cup of tea at the same time, one does resolutely not make up for the other. At least not in any prisons I've visited recently. Although maybe Yorkshire Gold at a push, that's a damn fine cup of tea. (Anyone from Yorkshire Gold wishing to sponsor the next tour please contact the usual address - Yorkshire Gold, takes your mind off prison sex.)If the music fails there's always a career in advertising.

And I see the Forum's not working again... sorry. I don't know what's up... but it'll be fixed soon. That's really what I came on here to say, but ended up spewing forth more nonsense. The live album ships in week's time, and to those of you who have pre-ordered it, I would tell you exactly how much it means that you have, but that would embarrass us both, so I'll just quietly say 'thanks' and move on. Okay, I've just re-read this... what the fuck am I talking about? I should drink way less caffeine. I just woke up, hold none of this against me.


  1. I suggest you make your own hummus??!

  2. aha! That was also my coherent plan but Claiwette got there first! There's a recipe at frugal.org.uk - frugal also sounds like a coherent plan in itself.

    Most of us are likely to support environmental projects until they start costing us something - like the wind turbines in our town which started interfering with the TV signals - no way was that going to be popular. Am off to play a board game with a couple of jerseys on as frugal husband has turned the heating down - not sure we could turn it off altogether.

    Too bad about the Malawi trip. Maybe we could all sponsor you another year?

  3. I'm really sorry to hear about Malawi trip. I can imagine you would have truelly been looking forward to that.
    You could always buy a trick birthday candle that relights everytime you blow it out.......you just blow it out X amount of times and thats economising and then you don't have to buy such a big cake to hold all the candles;-)
    I've got to admit that those energy saving bulbs are pretty good, I still am using one thats not needed replaced in two years........shite to read in, the meaning of having my nose in the book isn't metaphorical in my case.....lol
    To be honest though our government should make it compulsory to recycle most of our rubbish. I remember 15 years ago watching my cousin in Switzerland go through the daily routine of cleaning, flattening and seperating all her rubbish into different loads to be picked up on certain days of the week. This year when I visited it was still compulsory and just part of their everyday habits.
    Anyways keep rambling, I ramble daily much to my daughter's frustration but I reckon as we get older our brains kind of short circuit and some shite comes out every now and again but at least life is never dull.......lolx

  4. I will remember to tell everyone your brithday not happening next year. Hope you enjoy new york.

  5. Cool idea about maybe sponsoring you another year.

    Also, thanks for the nice announcement on the news page about the forum being down and the subsequent post about it being back up again.

    Have fun in New York, and enjoy the tour. :)

  6. Hahahahaha! Pure McRae genius! I now have an image stuck in my head of Gwynny and Chris cleaning out hummous pots, hahahah! I'm surprised no-one's already spoofed it on tv (like 'Star Stories')

    Prediction for 2009: Tom McRae prison tour - gain new fellon fans, get one of them to rob a bank when they're out (if all the banks haven't collapsed by then), et voila, funding for Malawi next year...or summat like that.

    btw - speaking of tour buses, have you seen The Kills latest blogs on Myspace? Their tour driver in the U.S. did a runner with the bus...and then abandoned it. Last reported sighting of the driver was in a hotel where he'd kicked out the aircon through the window - hasn't been seen since. Bizarre!

  7. I know of at least two live albums you'll sell in Montreal. Save me one?

  8. I have to say that like flip I am filled with an image of Chris and Gwynny surrounded with empty hummous pots. With a bit of luck they might lose themselves behind a wall of them.

    Can't wait to get my copy of the live album. I am very excited indeed!

  9. lost myself because of you19 October 2008 at 17:49

    Seriously miss you tom. I really,really do.

  10. hows about dropping the price on that live cd? £15?! I mean come on. That's a pretty substantial sum for bankrupt students. Don't get me wrong, you're good - just not THAT good. what if I send you the CD-R? Will that save me some money?! What if I drop it off at your house and you burn it for me. I can wait in the car till it's done. Will it be free then??

  11. (replying to anonymous comment 20 Oct 2008 11:27)

    I think that £12.50 (£10 + £2.50 p+p) is a pretty reasonable price for an album.

    Gathered, buying digitally may well have worked out slightly cheaper, but I guess that this turned out to be the most suitable option.

    Maybe careful budgeting is the answer.

    And yes, I do think McRae (along with many others) is completely worth the effort.


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