Saturday, 13 December 2008

Hang The DJ Blog

I was was asked to submit my musical moment of the year, for Faber's Hang The DJ blog. Here's what I wrote:


  1. This is such a good book! totally entertaining compilations of loves and hates on music tracks, many of which are obscure. Some I'd never heard of but was curious to go listen to. Your contribution was one of the most enjoyable Tom!:-)
    A must for all music lovers!

  2. your section in the book has resulted in our 14yr old becoming a Feist fan

    and as for your entry to their blog - also perfect - well done!

  3. This was taken from a review of the book on

    "Other singer-songwriters fare better, in particular Tom McCabe, who, writing about female singer-songwriters, is the funniest, most deadpan writer of the bunch. On Feist’s “Mushaboom”: “Feist’s voice and the production of her records are great, but really it’s the dancing in the videos that makes it all irresistible. I’ve never had dancers in my videos. Just rain.”

    Awesome. McCabe. It isn't my name, but it is the name of a very cool guitar store in LA that once gave me a great discount on a lovely guitar... so you know.. that's something. Makes up for the slow descent into obscurity... as journalists struggle to get even some of the consonants right in my name. Musn't grumble, eh?

  4. It could have been worse Tom, if he'd referred to you as Tam McCabe and it was googled you'd have come up with Nope, you are definitely no a McCabe, this guy is a pure nutter :-S

  5. Well Tom, maybe the journalist's wife is in love with u... or maybe his daugther ;)
    in fact it's obvious he's got something against u... Or maybe HE has a crush on you u and it was a strange way to draw your attention ! and guess what, he succeed !

    wow Elaine! creepy this Tam McCabe!!


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