Saturday, 20 December 2008

Vampire Movie Mix Up

In my world, which approaches heightened levels of optimism at this time of year, I imagine the following scenario.

Mom calls up local movie theatre to find out if the vampire movie with kids is showing. It is. She takes her three corn fed kids and two of their fiends to see what they hope is 'Twilight'... instead they end up going to see 'Let The Right One In' - a Swedish movie, dark and funny, disturbing but deeply moral. It changes their collective world view. Mom and the kids throw away their terrible novels, start going to see films with subtitles, and occasionally read things with longer sentences and bigger paragraphs, without such a mind-numbing christian bias. The world becomes a better place for them and for us.

What actually happens is they go see 'Twilight', eat pop corn, get fatter and stupider and spend the next saturday night trying to phone vote for this week's pop idol.

Be like the smart people this Christmas. If you want to see a vampire movie, go see this, before the re-make comes out next year. Sentences you never hear at dinner parties: "the remake was so much better than the original". For this there must be a reason.

Despite taking it's title from a Morrissey song, it's a fab film. Let the Morrissey hate mail begin - it's not like I haven't framed most of those letters you know. My library in the west wing has a whole wall devoted to them.


  1. Vampire movies and vampire novels often suck (I know, I know...)but Buffy, on the telly, was great.

  2. I saw Twilight this afternoon. I had to take a girlfriend - Matt refused to see it. The whole point of vampires is blood/sex/death. Twilight is a film which misses all three. How is that even possible? It's a eunuch of a film, only without the sweet singing. Still, it was nice to spend time with my friend - sniggering at the film then standing in the carpark telling each other our secrets.

  3. Morrissey is overrated. You'll get no hate mail from me. (Apart from that Marzipan one)

    You have a library in the West Wing? Is that allowed? Well, I guess the current President won't be using it.

    Like the resdesign. Didn't realize you were Santa. looks like you're list-writing there. Just so you know, I've been PRETTY damn good this year.

  4. Congrats on re-design, looks very spiffy.

    On the topic of films, I whoreheartedly agree, and I think you will find so would Mark Kermode (in general). I wonder if you ever heard his movie review show on Radio 5 with Simon Mayo? It's pretty good, you might like it.

  5. Saw Let The Right One In completely by mistake last week (I wasn't going anywhere *near* Twilight, though). Oddly charming. Fairy taleish, in an old-school Brothers Grimm kind of way.

    Love the new drawing. Schiele-esque - he's one of my favorites.

  6. Sadly I've not seen either(thought I've never thought vampire films remotely interesting), they demolished our local cinema years ago and decided to build a new one in a town that is only quickly accessable by car:-(
    Am thinking the sketch is Tom's take on how long its taking him to pen a song, he has grown a beard. The dark shading of the finger and nose.............frostbite? ;-)
    Have wonderful Xmas Tom!:-)xx

  7. Blimey - the layout changed! I glanced at the picture, thinking you'd just put one of Marx up - but it's cleverer than that isn't it? Isn't that you as Marx? It's you (on a good hair day) as Marx. And it's Amie, isn't it?
    If it isn't any of those things...insert an inane comment about beards here.

  8. sorry to disappoint you. Suspect would not get kids in to see "let the Right One in" and since older one has read "Twilight" she is very keen to see it.
    Not much "mind-numbing Christian bias" in the UK these days which is undoubtedly a Good Thing. Usually, we are more thoughtful.

  9. Best vampire movie is 'Near Dark'. Love the new layout.

  10. The beard looks like Darwin's too, doesn't it? But I strongly disagree that it could be drawn by Schiele...

  11. Being stuck in the UK, I've been anticipating the release of Let The Right One In based purely on your words of wisdom - Through intrigue i read the book, and finally seen the film at the weekend.. I loved them both! Thankyou!!


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