Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Experiments in Time Travel #1

Today I turned on my radio, then my digital radio, then my laptop, and had them all playing Radio 4 in different rooms - at fractionally different speeds - while I ran between them.

Running up and down I contrived to arrive in each room a split second before the same sentence was repeated by the corresponding device... like flying to and fro across the international dateline. In my house.

I then tried running with the digital radio REALLY fast towards the laptop, whilst listening to the analogue radio REALLY loud. At one point the stars blurred, I passed through into a parallel universe, and suddenly I was King, and Katy Perry was my Queen. We ruled with generosity and humility and were worshipped by all.

After an hour of this I felt sick and sat down.

I miss being on tour.


  1. Katy Perry? Really?
    I miss you being on tour.

  2. Get a hobby...maybe keeping bees is something for you? You could become totally self self-sufficiened with the fishing and honeymaking!

  3. You been watching Back to the Future or something? I'd love to be in a parallel universe, one that is around 20/30 years behind our one so we can get a band of good mercenaries who could snuff out some very, very bad leaders before they are let loose on th world.
    You must have had a caffeine overdose in one of them big coffee cups again;-)x

    p.s In our parallel world we'd have Tom McRae rule the world and on his days off doing gigs all the time:-)

  4. I think you've gaga, Tom!

  5. who is Katy Perry? Is that her wearing the white boiler suit in your photo?

  6. well then...get yer arse back on tour ;)

  7. Find something to do : hum ... let me think... an other tour :-s

  8. I can prescribe medication that helps that sort of thing....

  9. I was just watching a live DVD today, and the music was slightly out of synch with the video.
    Must be a variation on your time-travel experiences :-)
    Thinking of live DVDs, any chance of one from the next tour ?

  10. I miss you being on tour too!

  11. come down to new zealand... I am here for 6 months! if you miss being on tour, you could tour with me here around the country! And don't mind, I bought a car today, so no problems with this. I could pick you up at Auckland Airport tomorrow, if that is fine for you!

    And if you don't find any venues to play, just play for me, because my car radio isn't working!

    let me know

  12. I think the consensus of opinion empathises with you - do what you really, really want, and go on tour, you've only got one life, do what you want with it - keep touring and recording and we'll pay for it! (in the UK, soon, please!)


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