Monday, 2 February 2009

How I Spent My Snow Day

From this....I made this... it's the future of portable music. No, really. When the snow (and ice cap) melts, I'll be coming to a cave near you, providing you're above the tide line.


  1. wow- you weren't joking! well done! Definitely a great use of snow time. Potentially subversive - you can now sneak secret songs all around the globe. Liked the sound of that one a lot.

  2. That is class Tom! Conjured a picture of you in black and white standing in front of those humongous microphones they had in the 20s/30s in a tuxedo. Yeh! past my bedtime, my brain is wandering
    Spencer Tracey/Katherine Hepburn were the best combination actors ever. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, brilliant film and even more poignant that it was his last.

  3. I can't watch the video :(

  4. Woah! love that :) Really fantastic.

    I bought some friends a DIY pin-hole camera for christmas (they are super-creative types) - I hope their project works half as well as this one.

    Really terrific - and great blog content. Hurrah for you :)

  5. Haha, awesome. Now... what would that thing be called?

  6. You're a true magician!

    Now that's manly, especially when instructions are in Japanese.

    I want a Tomograph for my birthday!

  7. That's amazing !!! hurrah for the way you spent your snowy days !
    I love the sound of that song :)

    What's your next project ??

  8. I love you too.
    (in that manly kind of way)

  9. Wow!Japanese goods!!!
    My country goods!I'm very surprised.

    I was wondering how possible that really was?
    That is a great mystery... Are you Harry Potter?
    Where did you find this?
    Can you read Japanese?
    (If you can,I'm very happy.)

    Anyway,your song which hear on this is so lovely.
    That makes me so happy:-)
    Thank you,Tom

  10. I thought the sound would be worse.
    Great song, as usual.


    Gonna get myself a very nice cup-collection :) who needs cds or mp3s

  12. Okay okay... confession time, in case you're all going to rush out and order one of these... I faked the recording. I did make the machine, and I am having fun with it, but imagine being shouted at by a dead person under water on another planet, in another solar system, with their hand over their mouth... and you'll be close to how it really sounds. I did spend a while making the track fit the picture, however, and sound old, so maybe I'll become a foley artist in my next job. Hope you found it diverting rather than disappointing on your snow day.

  13. Confession is the first step towards the redemption ;)
    Thanks Tom for making me laugh on my rainy day.

  14. Does that mean you will now upload a not old sounding version of the song :P?

  15. I knew the sound could not be that good ...
    Now I can go back to Debussy.

  16. You're a magician, not a sorcerer.

  17. please post the whole song on your myspace! it's not that good as alphabet I guess,but still like the sound of it!!

  18. The Japanese sure do love their DIY built kits. You should try a mecha next.. take over the world!

  19. Did you know that there's a Top Daily Photos of Fishing among the gadgets that blogger has for you to add?

    I know that watching photos of fishing isn't the same as going fishing but I thought you might like it.

    Sadly, I didn't find any gadget for myself.

  20. How did you make the track fit the picture? It sounded so perfectly eerie!


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