Monday, 22 September 2008

Ask Tom #2

I'm wondering if there's anywhere I can view/hear your performance of "Language of Fools" on the Conan O'Brien show from probably 5+ years ago. Thanks!

Good question, I have no idea. I take it you've tried YouTube? I'd like to hear it myself. I remember being freezing cold in the studio (apparently you can only be funny if it's cold) and the audience didn't stop cheering until we'd nearly finished the song. I think they were wound up by the floor manager to a point of high excitement and no one warned us they'd scream for so long. Still, it was nice to be on Conan. I still have the sign they made for my dressing room door. Sad, I know... but those little things are souvenirs of exciting times.


  1. hiya - this window won't let me type a web address but it's at: forward slash indie forward slash livemusic2001

  2. Thanks for the response! Unfortunately, none of the links on that page can be found once you click on them. Any other ideas?

  3. nope - I'm really sorry. Can find a whole list of episodes, but just with "credits" info and not with any recordings. Not on either.

  4. I was at that show. I originally had received tickets for September 11, 2001. When we were rescheduled days (weeks?) after, Tom was the musical guest. I'd never heard his music before then. And I'm not sure he was the originally scheduled guest for 11th. But Language of Fools -- and his entire album for that matter -- captured perfectly the sad, strange atmosphere in the city in those days after the 11th. Every time I listen to these songs, it brings me back there . . .


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