Sunday, 30 November 2008

Ask Tom #8

Did I dream it, or were you once on Buzzcocks when you were but a fresh-faced lad? Ever been invited back?

Yes, back in 1578, shortly after I returned bloodied but unbowed from the battle of Al Kasr al Kebir, fluent in Portuguese but with my ego dented by the military might of the Moors - I was invited to appear on the tv show, Nevermind The Buzzcocks. I'm pretty sure it was my my second and final appearance on BBC television, having appeared years earlier on Later with Jools. I was younger then, and indeed fresh of face. Ah, there's nothing like misguided belief in your future to keep you looking young. These days I just stare at the red phone on my desk, which rings whenever a representative of the media world wishes to contact me and request an interview, or tv appearance, or wants to review a a gig. To my knowledge it hasn't rung since July 2004 when someone claiming to be my Mother asked if I was feeding myself properly and was I interested in a job that had just come up at the Post Office. I stare and stare, and stare.

P.S This is a quick picture I took of the battle, with my new .00005 MP Canon Crap Shot, which was brand new that year. That's me, on the far left. As always. Before you email, it was on timer. Obviously. It wasn't the dark ages.


  1. I'm glad you survived the battle but am worried about the 2 fellows in the distance heading in the opposite direction and being pursued by (what looks like) 2 flying saucers. What happened to them?

  2. Kaper, Don't think road signs were invented then, if they had been then they wouldn't be heading in wrong direction but following the sign that said "Battle this way!"
    I'd love you to appear on Buzzcocks now with Simon"thinks he's the bees knees"Amstell, he wouldn't get the better of you Tom:-)


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