Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Two Free Punches With Every Car Wash

"Two free punches with every car wash"... now that's just too good an offer to pass up. I can pretty much get at least one free punch anywhere I go just by opening my mouth, but TWO! just for getting my car washed, well that's a bargain. Who knows what this Car Wash en route to Vancouver was trying to say, but maybe they were having a bad day, or maybe some sort of fruit-based party beverage was what they had in mind. Anyway, made me laugh, thank you Mr Kleen. A great run of shows on the West Coast has drawn to a close, who knew there would be so many of you - at what amounted to my first headlining shows in San Francisco, and Seattle? And I finally made it to Vancouver, which has been on my wish list for many years. Now I just have to figure out how to come back sooner rather than later. Now I'm back in New York City, 21 floors up in Chelsea, staring out over the slate grey (gray, if you must) Hudson and looking forward to Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I'll find some things to write about when my soul has caught up with my body, and my body has forgiven me for truck stop food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That may take a while.


  1. Glad the tour went well - have really enjoyed hearing about it on the forum.

    Not sure if this crossword will help in making sense of the sign
    you need a grid 5x4
    1.tool for making hole(5)
    2.fruity beverage(5)
    3.a blow with the fist
    4.Judy's friend
    1.little green veg
    2.female sheep

    I loved it when I was 10.

  2. Now that proves that not to drive is the way to go !

  3. When I get my oil changed, the place punches a hole in my little keychain tag, and when there are ten punches, I get a free one. I'm guessing the car wash operates along the same lines... but I wouldn't rule out the bad day theory.

  4. Vancouver was very, very happy to have you! Thanks for making the trip, the show was incredible. I can't wait to see your show next time!


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