Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

In preparation for my Thanksgiving dinner, I have been watching Top Chef, presented by Padma Lakshmi on Bravo. Some people close to me have interpreted this as lassitude, brought on by last night's combination of me, Jim Bianco and a bottle of bourbon. That person is wrong, however, I am not hungover, I am doing research. After 3 hours of the show I feel fully equipped to cook a big meal... or at least eat one. If anyone has any last minute recipe ideas, then post them here, I have to impress my guests - right, back to chasing that turkey round the room.

P.S Here's a picture of me and Padma earlier. Let's face it, Salman never stood a chance.


  1. Enjoy your Thanksgiving meal, shorty Sean!

  2. New York has aged you - come back to UK!

    Is Thanksgiving today?

    Fast puddings:
    1. Eton Mess aka Massacre in a Snowstorm
    ie chopped strawberries sprinkled with sugar, optional couple of teaspoons of pomegranate juice, lightly whipped cream, and crushed meringues all mooshed up together
    2. chocolate banana cream
    ie melted chocolate, mashed bananas and whipped cream, all lightly stirred together. (Chopped strawberries on top is good)

  3. Tom you are still English right? I know I know whilst in Rome.... Enjoy. Come touring back to Ireland please.

  4. Heres a handy website inspired by an English chef!:-)
    Have a great, funfilled Thanksgiving!
    She'd have a bigger smile on her face if she was standing beside you;-)

  5. Pumpkin Pecan Pie with Whiskey Butter Sauce:

    My grandpa always added a little extra whiskey and washed it down with whatever was left in the bottle...

  6. digging the white shirt..

  7. How about doing what Mr Bush is doing and pardoning a turkey instead? You know, buying a turkey then seremonially letting it loose? You could keep it in your back yeard, perhaps. And name her Wilma.


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