Friday, 7 November 2008


Cheering. Cigar smokers on the stoop. NYU students chanting. Strangers smiling at strangers. Drunken singing in the bars on Bleecker and MacDougal. Blue outnumbering red, and who gives a fuck about Montana? (although it’s good fishing country, so I am magnanimous in victory). What a night. For the day after, cynics had to try a little harder to look cool. So I gave up and joined in. Finally New York has something in common with the rest of the country, a President Elect it voted for. And yes, today the world does feel a little different. Although a California that can vote for farm animals having bigger enclosures but against gay marriage, still proves there is work to be done. America, a work in progress as they say.

The New York shows are over now, my home from home - The Living Room – has become a very special venue for me over the years, with a very special audience who make me feel so welcome, that two shows seem barely enough. Thanks to all of you who have come to the gigs and for bringing that unique energy into the room, making all of them memorable for me. Thanks to Karen for putting posters up, Tim for pausing his recording when asked! and the loyal band of friends who turn up come rain or shine. Over the years the list of musicians who join me has grown too, so thanks also to Jason Hart and Clare Burson, piano and fiddle, combining with the ever amazing Oli Kraus to make me feel like we’re changing the show each time. Next year drums?

Time to head west, back to LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver and Portland, maybe see you there.


  1. See you definitly in LA on Monday. Can hardly wait :)

  2. Tom - I don't know if you manage this blog or some else who does it for you. But if you'll ever read this,and I believe you do,could you please contact me @ ?
    I've got no fucking clue what I have done wrong,but you've made it pretty clear that it is something.
    Don't blame me for trying to fix this one last time,it really really bothers me.

  3. See you tonight in Vancouver! Tis my 40th birthday bash. Am all fired up and sure it's going to be a great night's entertainment.

    A work colleague once told me he was against gay marriage because it meant a man would be able to marry his father. When morons like that are allowed to put their X on a piece of paper, there are no vote results that surprise me any more.

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